I'm Ushahemba Shir
Software Developer
Lagos - Nigeria
If it will solve a problem, I want to be part of it

I am a fullstack software developer with over 4 years of professional experience. I love to solve problems, This is what motivated me to join tech. I have been learning and applying different technologies to build web applications that solve real life problems for the past four years. My core proficiency is JavaScript and TypeScript.

My skill sets for frontend includes JavaScript, React, Next.Js HTML/CSS, Boostrap, Tailwind, TDD with Cypress.

My skill sets for backend includes Node.Js, TypeScript, Express, REST APIs, MySQL, MongoDB and Graphql.

My skill sets for version control and hosting include Git, GitHub, Docker, DockerHub, CI/CD with GitHub Actions, WordPress, Cpanel Hosting, Heroku.

My soft skills include Scrum, Agile Methodology, Oral and written communication, team coordination. I have used the skill sets listed above to build several projects for clients both as a freelancer and team member in organisations. I have also done collaborative work with other developers using Git and GitHub as collaborative too.

I have used the skills above to build projects for clients, both as a freelancer and as a team member in different organisations. I will be glad to work with you.